Hey everyone, new to the forum. I am a ME/AE at the University of Florida doing a project on building a UAV for wildfire surveillance.

We need an infrared camera and the only options that I have found so far is the Flir Tau series. The max resolution for the Flir Tau is 320x240. We are looking for a camera with a resolution of 640x480. The only camera from Flir is the Photon 640, which is about 2.5 times the weight, and 8x the volume.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other IR cameras with similar weight and volume similar to the Flir Tau? (~100 grams, 1.2"x1.2"x1.4")

Thanks all. Great forum BTW, very helpful for my project.

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That's unfortunate it was advertised as "professional".

@Gary - This video contains some sample Thermal Images from the SEEK Camera.

Just became aware of this company who invited me to a sales meeting last week. IRCameras Their Tamarisk line accepts various focal length lenses, on par with the Tau in terms of resolution and performance. 

www.infraredcamerasinc.com has a back end board that makes the cameras USB and allows it to be calibrated. Like the Flir Tau 2 the Tamerisk by DRS is analog or Camera Link. Camera link is useless for digital information on a Drone. Our USB Board for the Tau 2 or the DRS Tamerisk allows the cameras to become Digital for doing true Aerial Thermography from a UAV. This allows customers to do Complete, Fully Radiometric mosaics.

I have 38x38mm extension board  for Tamarisk320 (mounted on camera), it includes  :

- USB interface supports 60Hz frame rate and programming interface,

- 3 button  keyboard port . with 4th button  power switch ( extensive  menu control)

- color OLED micro display  port ( with a menu to select different camera parameters - i.e. Colorization with multiple LUT , cross hair , etc)

- Li-ion battery port,   charging battery through USB port

- total power 0.9 W

Next version of the same board will include JPEG  video compression with motion detection and  recording to SD card.

Can build board  per order.

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