Hey everyone, new to the forum. I am a ME/AE at the University of Florida doing a project on building a UAV for wildfire surveillance.

We need an infrared camera and the only options that I have found so far is the Flir Tau series. The max resolution for the Flir Tau is 320x240. We are looking for a camera with a resolution of 640x480. The only camera from Flir is the Photon 640, which is about 2.5 times the weight, and 8x the volume.

I was wondering if anyone knows of any other IR cameras with similar weight and volume similar to the Flir Tau? (~100 grams, 1.2"x1.2"x1.4")

Thanks all. Great forum BTW, very helpful for my project.

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We do have an alternative that you can build up from the engine core please visit

We do have a range of thermal imaging cameras that are not ITAR controlled which you can build from the core engine up to meet you requirements. Very powerful features are built in to give great flexibility.

Visit http://www.premierelect.co.uk/thermal%20imaging.html
COMPACT EYE™ Low-Power Compact Infrared Engine
Just wondering what does one of these run $(ballpark) with basic optics.
Eye R640 looks interesting but I would not dare to ask the price :(. NiR is fine for me.
COMPACT-EYE engine weights 34gr.

Our detector holder weights 18gr. (but you'll need also lens adaptor). The best solution is to design integral detector/lens adapter (as you don't need a NUC flag) and that could easily weight no more then 30 gr. (Magnesium will weight less). We could design one based on customer's requirements for quantities.

One could use for example 20mm;f/.85 lens which weights 35gr. And there you have a full open-frame camera weights 100gr.
What would be the price for engineering samples? Most of us in this forum will only need one or two imagers at most. I'd like to get one in at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for evaluation.
Check this out:


- its 640 x 480 and seems to tick all the boxes.

Dont dismiss it because its Chinese - its used by at least 2 UK UAV manufacturers
Please visit


for the latest in thermal imaging
"Dont dismiss it because its Chinese - its used by at least 2 UK UAV manufacturers"
Can they be named for that practice without halving their stock shares
(as they could be pointed out as unable to control manufacturing quality of the core component,
whatever the quality is now)
or should we dismiss the UK UAV manufacturers and go direct to the supply?
Certain you will struggle to meet your size and weight constraints.

Worth checking


which is our 17micron engine core very powerful. We have seen a demonstration of fire detection software built into the head of the camera. Work in the same way as Warning Eye a fully automated ground based thermal imager.


All thermal products on


hope this is of interest
No no - don't dismiss any UK UAV manufacturer (because they use a Chinese made IR image sensor as part of their sensor package?) . The OP asked forum members a question about IR image sensors for a specific purpose, so I offered him an option/alternative that had not been mentioned by anyone else. The fact that there are QC issues with Chinese made products is a point I acknowledged, but the other side of the coin is that a very large percentage of the big name respected Western brand named digital cameras we find for sale on the high street in European and USA towns & cities, are actualy manufacturered in Chinese factories. Auto Pilots as well ... on the DIY DRONES website is a Chinese designed & manufactured auto-pilot which has earned a very good reputation - primarily because cost versus performance.

There are issues with Chinese made products, but there is also plenty of evidence that the Chinese are quite up to the task of producing very high quality products - and at a price that makes them very competitive - hence China has become the wolrds largest manufacturer of Western brand named consumer electronics - at just about every level.

Fluke by the way purchase IR sensors from Shenzhen Orise Technology Co to use in a few of their IR products.

Could they be named without effecting there share value? Good question ..... could any Western electronic product be named for using Chinese manufactured components without impacting on the manufacturer share value(?). Theres another way of looking at the question of Chinese content in Western marketed products - wether its electronics, clothing ect ect ..... the majority of goods sold in the West nowadays contain some or other Chinese manufactured content - and speaking of image sensors specifically, China is by far the worlds largest producer, a large percentage of which is destined for Western branded products - electronics and otherwise.

And last but not least - 30min research on the net shows that at least 2 other the Western brand name products reccomended also as options to consider by contributors to the OP's question, use image sensors made by another Chinese IR image sensor manufacturer - Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. LTD(SATIR) (http://www.sat.com.cn/).

Chinese products touch on so much of what we do nowadays - whether its at work, at home, at play, developing our hobbies ect ect ........... most of it is good value for money. Some of it is CXXP.
we get the drift - you have IR cameras - but how much are they!?!?!? Ballpark is all anyone is looking for I am sure.


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