We are using the latest planner of "mission planner" and we seem to be unable to integrate the FLIR Vue jpeg still images to the flight log. Has anyone had experience or success in doing so in order to aid our post processing and orthomosiacs. This is partially because the FLIR Vue doesn't have an integrated GPS

We understand that we have two options to take images; 1. To use FLIR Vue pro app and set to take jpeg every second; 2. Triggering the pictures taken from the UAV at a set distance/time. We have a 3DR and pixhawk system on our UAV

Any advice on flight software and Drone combinations to will be greatly appreciated

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I am interested in this too. I have asked FLIR themselves to provide some concrete documentation on their 'mavlink integration' but I'm getting nothing but nothing from them. Frustrating, they charge ~$2500 for the FLIR Vue Pro camera and are providing almost zero documentation. 

I would like to know if my Pixhawk can trigger a FVP with the AUX outputs, like some of my other cameras (Canon, Samsung).

Hi, i'm in the same situation. all the mavlink integration settings are in the flir vuepro manual but i'm not expert and i don't have succes with his.

Can you have success with controlling pwm 1 and pwm 2 using mavliknk? i can trigger with pwm 3 and choose another function with pwm 4.

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