Perhaps someone can give me an idea if this would be at all feasible. I would like to film someone who is walking. The arducopter is flying in front of the person, automatically keeping a set distance. Then through a wireless command the arducopter is uncoupled and keeps flying even if the person stops walking.

If this would be possible using a DSLR it would be truly amazing!

I am not asking for ready made solutions, just some idea if this would be at all doable.



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Yes, it's actually not that hard. The "dynamic waypoint" feature is already built into ArduCopter, and just needs a Python script on the ground to drive it via the Mission Planner. The Mikrokopter developers have been showing a similar feature for a while (see video), and later this year we're going to be releasing a wireless groundstation with GPS that you carry in your pocket that does the same thing with ArduCopter. 

MikroKopter - Follow Me from Holger Buss on Vimeo.


Actually, it turns out ArduCopter already supports this, right out of the box!

In the Mission Planner, hit control-f, which will bring up this screen:

Click on Follow Me (circled) and that will bring up this screen:

Now all you need is any USB or Bluetooth GPS module plugged into your laptop. Select the serial port, wait for lock and click "Connect". Your copter will now follow you as you carry your laptop around!

Our wireless ground station will be smaller and lighter, but it will do the same thing.

Cool, huh?

Excellent. Details are in the manual

this is supber news .. I liked the feature , but not so much carrying your laptop with you while ...Skiing for example :)

Nice!  What altitude does it hover to follow?  At where it was enabled?

I enjoyed the music.

Hi Chris,

is there already a date for releasing the Pocket Ground Station and will there be an option to let the copter fly X meters in front / beside / behind the moving station? And can these parameters be tuned in flight? Would be great!


Will Follow Me be made available for arduplane as well?  I suspect the only difference in behavior would be that the plane would loiter on the target if the target's speed were less than some amount.


Putting APM on a fast wing to get video of chasing snowmobiles would be excellent.




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