Hello everybody!

I'm thinking of building a small drone, and i've been wondering whether i should buy a fixed wing aircraft or some sort of helicopter, and whether it's possible to fly in urban areas. I have 2 streets around my house (which almost never have traffic at all), and a large back garden (around 1000 square meters, but surrounded by 2.5 meter hedges). Would it be possible to auto-land onto one of these areas?

Thank you very much,

 Nikita Makarov

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You would need a small fixed wing, I would say you want a heli--you can stop and turn around in a small space.--and they need almost no landing space, helis are also a little easier to build--I take it you are a beginner(my apologies if i'm wrong--i'm fairly new to this too)


he has a good point, try finding a local AMA club field... there will be people there who can help you, and plenty of open space for many UAV's!!!!

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