Inspired by Marco, I just tried 'follow me' mode, with latest Andropilot and 2.91b.

First I loitered  (very smooth) and then flipped to 'follow me' on andropilot. Like magic it started following me, but kept rising. I flipped to stabilize and was able to come down.

I foolishly tried it again and it started rising so I went to stab, and had no throttle control, it just loitered. I turned off follow me and it just sat there. I then switch modes, and it stopped and fell like a rock. I got a little throttle at end but he is banged up.

Logs attached - any ideas?

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What was the follow me altitude you did enter from keyboard?

I also found a similar issue when I tested it. Its very clunky switching between the GS and the transmitter. Luckily I got the throttle back up and recovered.

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