For $99, be a part of the growing 'Drone Industrial Complex'

With a name like this, who couldn't make millions in the growing drone business?

The ad information almost promises me a cut of the pie!

HERE is the ebay listing.

Better act now. There is only 3 days and 11 hours left at the time of this posting.

From the listing:

The name above is a premium, carefully selected domain, designed to be market-viable and sustainable over the long term in the industry.  The economic impact of drones into the American economy is expected to total over $13 billion within the first few years and continue at a rapid rate past 2025.  Those businesses positioned and established early will gain stronger market position and a competitive edge.

Gee, if I can get only 2% of that $13 BILLION dollars in the next 11 years...that's a lot of tacos!

(must fight placing a bid...)

All teasing aside, I did go to the trouble of putting the domain name in and it is a legit GoDaddy domain name for sale.


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LOL - Lockheed Martin, look out here comes a... at least domain name, bought by a desperate "company" !

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