Wanted to share my experience in hopes of saving someone else the massive waste of time and money, and in the slim case management from 3DR reads this and is aware of the misleading, and possibly fraudulent activities goes on within their company.

5 weeks ago I placed my first order with 3Drobotics. I received

-1 broken motor

-2 broken ESC's

I suspected I did not have SimonK flashed ESC's, but was assured "there is no possibility of this, we only sell simonk flashed ESC's". OK.


I ordered 2 additional motors & 3 ESC's to replace my brand-new-broken-equipment. When I receive this, 2 of the ESC's say "simonk" on the sticker (and one of two new motors is broken). I call 3DR to find out - tech support then says my other, original 4 ESC's are NOT simonk, and that would send me 4 more that are 100%, for sure, simonk flashed firmware.

4 ESC's arrive without the Simonk sticker. I call support again, actually speak to a technician and make them listen to the codes over and over, and they assure me the 4 new ESC's NOT labeled with "simonk" are actually simonk, and the 2 I have that are labeled "simonk" need to be sent back to them.

I have:

-been lied to by multiple 3DRobotics employees on the phone (sales & tech support) as to what kind of ESC's I have in attempts to make me go away. Maybe sales does not know how to identify an ESC.. but technical support? there is no excuse.

-experienced a crash, at my expense, due to mismatched ESC's cutting off while the others kept running.

-received 3 distinct hardware versions of supposedly the same exact item. 1 had simonk, 2 others did not. I say different hardware because they have different length wiring, are different physical dimensions and have different board layouts.

-paid for shipping 4x on mistakes made by 3dr. and of course, each time prepaid for all items & had to wait at least 2 days for an order, with ALL ITEMS IN STOCK, to ship. 3DR 'Next day' = 3Day

If you have ordered an ESC from 3drobotics in the last 5 weeks, chances are you do not have a SimonK loaded ESC. Also, you may have mismatched hardware running the same firmware or maytech firmware with different settings (ie: low voltage cutoff). I would HIGHLY suggest checking to see what you actually have and avoid a crash. Besides being DUPED by 3Drobotics.

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Where can i find the ESC programming instructions?


HOW can I be sure if and witch one of the five (5) ESC have or not SimonK inside? Externally they are all the same (NO SimonK label on it), on all five I can program the internal parameter (Brake, ecc).....Are they normnal ESC?

What are the parameter for use it on a multicopter (h--quad)?


What happened to Quality Control?, I hope its not all about shifting units out the door!

the simonk loaded ESCs do not have any options - if you can set a brake, or cycle through programming options, it is NOT simonk loaded.

It was a rhetorical question!!!! But you know.. if they forget to flash it can also forget to put a sticker on it!!!

I had a look at your pictures, mine are the same. No SimonK label but at least they are working!

Do you know if the default setup of the standard ESC is good enought to fly a H-Copter?


May be a good idea to start a thread under the appropriate forum to go over these settings. Let me say this - yes the maytech ESC will 'work' but you need to make sure the cutoffs are all the same (low). The issue may be they are not programmed with the same options, so you must check or learn-by-crash. If you bought from 3dr you paid top dollar like me for these ESCs. Do not settle for non simonk ESCs or get you money back.

instead of waiting around I ordered from else where, will be here today and I can finally put this thing together. The 9 ESCs I have from 3DR are all going back.

Hi Chris,

Been "out of office" for some days.


I have sent the mail as you suggest, I hope it gets properly addressed this time.





Dear Chris, Raph and all,

I contacted the customer support and now received an email saying "Your order has been shipped". 

So I am hoping to receive the new SimonK flashed ESCs soon (unfortunately overseas takes a while). 3DR was kind enough to send me new ones first before I send the wrong ones back. The ESCs were already soldered to the PDB and new connectors and now I can proceed with testing and preparing the copter and do not have to wait another 2-4 weeks.

Thanks to everybody involved. I hope this helps to establish a better QC.

Best wishes,


For those who have received ESCs WITHOUT SimonK, here is the programming sheet :

For Multicopter use, I recommend the following settings:

1. wait for sequence 5, then factory default the ESC

2. Item 4 : Set to LOW (alternatively also set 3. to NICD)

3. Set Item 7 to START

4. NB :  set Item 10 to 16KhZ - this makes a substantial difference

NB : Do not do this if you dont know how to program ESC's. This procedure takes a LONG time on a Hexa or Y6, because after every setting change, you have to start over with the sequence.

Hi All,

3DR has made arrangements to take back the ESCs I have which are part of a bad batch they received from their manufacturer. The issue has been identified within their warehouse and corrected. I'm glad the issue has been resolved, and hopefully saved people some headaches. I would really suggest always checking to make sure the correct firmware is loaded.



Thanks for the manual - however I have to stress that anyone who has these maytechs, and paid for simonk.. trust me, from experience, they are no good compared to the simonk loaded variants. my y6 runs smoother, quieter, longer, plus it eliminated wobbles while descending and I don't ever have to worry about an ESC cutting out on me. bliss. 

100% I dont disagree for a second. Sorry, meant to include IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY OTHER OPTION.

Obvoiusly the first thing to do is to contact 3DR for the correct replacement ones.

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