Is there a problem with GRID V2? I cant get it to fill in the polygon, it only does a few points then returns home. GRID (V1) works fine...

Post with pictures showing what I mean:

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finally, Im not understanding why Grid V2 is working for you and many other people, but for me it only fills in a handful of waypoints (others have this problem as well).

Im full updated on all fronts. Why is my version flawed?

Heres the issues condensed:

Its 8 minutes of me complaining while showing you whats going on, so bear with me...



I just tried the Auto wp for the first time and it worked fine. Your problem is the numbers you are using. The eeprom can only hold around 176 waypoints.Camera triggers also use eeprom. That is why it doesn't completely fill. When you put them every 10 meters the you quickly exceed the maximum number. On your first example you picked a very large distance, beyond your polygon's boundaries. Try a more reasonable value like 40 or 50 meters for the distance between lines and between waypoints.

Regards, Greg

I understand the limit, I was making a point to show whether its 10 waypoints or 200, it wont fill in the grid. I also tried what you just said, set the distance to 50 and 50. Heres my results: it laid down 14 before coming home.  ??

EDIT. I found the bug!

I have my MP distance set to feet, not meters. When the distance units of feet is selected, it wont fill in the polygon. I changed it to meters and it filled it in with all the waypoints and camera triggers!



That's great Matt. Don't feel bad. NASA slammed a $500 mil mars lander into the red planet due to a similar issue.

I knew it had to do with the numbers ;)

If this is not already implemented;
Why not develop a "distance intervalometer" that can trigger a camera at a desired distance interval, e.g. every 35 meter, without using up waypoints for simply triggering the cam?

Then again, maybe I am not up to date - this may already be implemented? "Pseudo waypoints?"

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