Hi there!

I found a quadframe with motors and just wanted your input on what i should pay for it. If it's any good at all.

Aircraft 450 CNC Metal MultiRotor Quadcopter Frame 4-axis W/Propeller + Motor

Comes with: 

propeller : 10"(1038) 4 pcs
motor: ST3512 910KV 4 sets

Brand New

Built from strong, lightweight aluminium alloy material.

Empty Weight650g

I would really appreciate your input since im new at this.


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Since i'm new to this and i would really appreciate your input. Is $300 to much for this quad w/o electronics?

For the price, I'd just get one of the jdrones or 3RD quads which are the base for all the default settings and code testing. The frame+motor version of those kits are pretty much the same price.

unless is really big, there is no need to make it out of alluminum, so I would say it's too heavy

Ok Thanks. I'll probably do that.

They make one in carbon fibre also. The frame is ~$80 i think.

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