I'm wondering if anyone has added a FPV kit to the IRIS. I would be interested in how and where to mount the parts (camera, transmitter with antenna, additional battery?).

Would there be enough space in the shell? If anyone has done this already, please post some pictures.

Thanks, and best regards, Udo

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Here is my entry:

I have a fatshark transmitter (with a cloverleaf antenna going out the back) velcroed and taped on the rear left side and the 850mah battery powering it velcroed and rubber banded to the middle of the right side. The vtx's plug is velcroed to the top of the body. I tried placing everything on the top of the body (velcro/duct tape) but couldn't get a GPS signal. I also tried mounting the vtx on the inside of the body (velcroed  above the telemetry tx) and battery on top but the picture dropped out quite frequently.

I'm thinking of trying to design and print an external housing for the vtx that would snap onto the body the same way the battery door snaps shut (would require cutting to rectangular holes in the body). However I have little experience with that kind of design.

I would love to see more of people's more permanent solutions or hear suggestions about this setup!

Someone needs to model and 3d print a new battery door with a holder for an FPV transmitter.  Anyone?

I just added a small carbon fiber tail with old motor mount and the screw that hold the top shell on


hi ive been dying to get me my very own Iris. i almost had enough play cash and then 3dr went out of stock. since then ive been watching and waiting and waitng for kinks to be worked out. what do you think of the pixhawk? on a scale of 1 to 10 where do you score your Iris? 

i read somewhere that the motors need upgrading. whatcha think?

 thank you 

you know there is a big null when that is pointed toward or away from you, right?

If you used the longer legs and a 90 degree SMA adapter, you could point he antenna down and eliminate the horizontal null points on the antenna. 

theres a 90 degree adapter right next to the antenna on the table.  my guess is he does exactly that.

RV, how is your Helipal FPV working for you...?  As advertised, does the GoPro operate simultaneously as a camera and fpv camera...?  Do you recommend it to other IRIS owners...? 


Hey SteveL, 

  I would have to say that it is working out great, waiting on a charge as we speak to go and send her up again. I have not attempted anything extremely long range with it yet, but so far so good. I've had the IRIS with the Helipal FPV set up traveling around a 400 meter radius with minimal interruption on the receiver. I am able to use the FPV feature while recording on the GoPro and have a video of some of my flights here: DIY IRIS vids.  I would have no issue recommending this to any other IRIS owners, I hope this helps.



Thanks for the review RC, and cool vid.  After a week of IRIS flying and GoPro-ing, i realize FPV is a must.  I'm now trying to decide between the Helipal and 3D's set-up.  Your input has me leaning toward the Helipal.  

I'm also grateful for this forum, which is a great 'fill the clue-bag' tool for us newbies. 

I tried to keep mine as far as I could away from the GPS even though it should not effect it.  You will see I have a plastic wire tie around it, but I also have a small piece of Velcro in case it breaks.  It works very well with my Fatshark attitude Goggles.  I am using the video from the Gopro Hero 3+  the transmitter is 250mw     I am using the camera that came with the Attitude package on my Phantom.  

The only thing I am Very disappointed with are the flight times.  As you can see I have the Gimbal and extended legs.  On a fresh stock battery on a calm day temps around 65 I can not get more than 6 minutes and that is pushing it some!   other than that I like everything else.


Hey Michael,

   Are you powering the TX and the gimbal from the IRIS batt? If so that would cause the low flight time. I currently power the TX with the gimbal power cord (no gimbal) and get a good 8 to 10 min flight time. I'd also check the batt I got an extra batt from 3DR and they sent a faulty batt that runs only 2 cells, something to think about.




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