Hi all.

I'm a newbie here and I don't want to bore you all with basic questions, but although I have been searching a lot in wiki and forum, I still have doubts about some APM 2 features.

1- Relative to PPM:

Reading the reviews after the PPM wiki entry (http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/PPMsumRC?ts=1330332797&...),  it seems like not working correctly.

- Is there any problem with the PPM feature?
- I have a 12 channel transmitter with PPM. Can I use all these channels or there is a limit in 8?

2- Relative to PWM Outputs

-How can I attach any channel from my transmiter to some concrete PWM output? Via GCS?

3- Relativ to frequencies:

-What are the frequencies at different outputs? Somewhere I've read 100 Hz (ESC) - 50 Hz (PWM). Is that correct? If ESC = 100 Hz, can be increased to 400 Hz? Anyone know if this topic has been appointed in some other thread?

Thanks for the help,


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I would appreciate any answer. I understand that, surely, these issues have already been discussed. However, there is so much information that newcomers get lost. As I said, I searched the wiki, forum ... I found concrete answers to many questions. However, I have not found answers to these questions I have raised.

Someone help me?



Anderl, the topic is considered advanced and I suspect there are very few trying the technique.

I am using PWM and suspect that better than 95% of hobbyists are doing the same.

This looks like an area you can contribute to if you have the time and resources.

Perhaps a developer will respond. The blogs comments have been very low for the last several days.

Thank you for your answer R. D. I assume you mean the issue of PPM ... I have read some threads about it and yes, I saw that this issue has been the subject of some analysis.

Okey. No response to any of the other questions (frequencies, PWM outputs,...)?



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