Hi everyone, 

Ive got a neo 6m board that seems to have become faulty and doesnt want to power up anymore. No signs of life on the GPS board and it actually stops my APM 2.5 board from powering up. If I remove the GPS module, the APM can boot normally but when I try with the GPS connected it doesnt. 

The GPS board also has one of its components get extremely hot for a couple of seconds.

Any ideas for possible fixes?

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While your problems seem quite nasty i would suggest that you replace the cable. i had a few gps problems, with the unit sometimes turning off and so on and replacing the cable fixed everything. its a cheap and easy option and i would recommend that everybody buy at the very least a spare of all cables.

Thanks, I'll get a new cable and have a try. 

Just seems a bit weird how it worked last week but this week it the GPS doesnt seem to work. Forgot to mention that I did attach the GPS to my computer using a FTDI usb thing and still no signs of life.

Any other possible idea to what could be the problem?

What was the start of these problems ? i had a crash once where my gps was literally ripped disconnected and thrown away from my crashing hex... and it still works :0

I dont know what the start was to be honest. I remember the GPS would take a while to connect so I flashed the 3DR config file. The GPS worked last week but yesterday morning I tried to go fly my quad the GPS would not connect (no lights nothing) nor would my APM board. I picked up the GPS module and a component felt hot so I unplugged it and came back to try again after 10 mins. No luck still. Thats when I connected the GPS to the computer using a FTDI-usb thing and again still no life. 

Disconnecting the GPS (from the APM) allows the APM to boot properly and flies well, just not when they are both connected. 

The hot component makes me think it might be fried. But now I'm worried that something shorted out and my APM might be damaged. 

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