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Hello all,

This is my first post on DIYDrones and I'm at a point of complete frustration and at a loss with setting up my APM 2.6. I've been researching and digging through posts on here and for programming and getting this thing up and running on, I guess, a "standard" set-up. What I mean by "standard" is to get my plane up and running on the basics of APM. Now I'm thinking there's no such thing as basic.My head is congested with minimOSD flashing, Advanced Params, etc. Blah... 

Enough with the babble. My question is, is there a standard set-up guide, step-by-step manual for getting this thing programmed? Where to start? Not gonna lie, but I may need some hand holding..

I am not at all new to flying RC aircraft nor FPV. Only new to APM and component flashing. My background is not in software programming and in fact, I feel like an idiot when it comes to this stuff. Please, do not post a link to "Newbies Guide to UAV's"...

The APM is in a Penguin FPV plank. I have the uBlox GPS sensor, APM 2.6, MinimOSD, 915mHz Telemetry modules, Y-splitter to the OSD and on board Telem module. Tx is a Hitec Aurora 9 running an Optic 7 Rx.

Lets assume I have my components hooked up where they need to go and the MP loaded onto my computer (Win7).

Now what?

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    It would determine the direction once its moving based on the gps updates. Arduplane does not use the internal compass. No calibration in that sense!
  • Also one thing that helps, break it down into stages:

    Plank first, trim and confirm it flies.

    AutoPilot, working stab and navigations (Ignore fpv and osd for now) deal with tuning and making it reliable (Rth, etc)..

    OSD/FPV, Get the OSD going and fpv transmitting, and fly around.. enjoy..

    this helped me with the "overwhelm" factor, as there was fewer issues to deal with at a time.. Remember its a wiki so it changes often, so it sometimes helps to re-read everything a few times, then read while trying to do something..

    hope this helps a bit, and good luck.. if your stuck on a specific area let us know, we can fix it!

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    If you read the instructions on carefully and thoroughly, you'll get there without a problem.

    Let me know if you're stuck at a specific point.

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