Would it be possible to connect to the Arduino/ArduPilot board via a bluetooth module of some sort, instead of having to plug the FTDI board/cable in each time?

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Can't actually comment on how well it works though...
Looks really imteresting, I don't know much about these sorts of things but what else would be required to/would it be possible to hook that up to the ArduPilot board?. And how would one set it up to receive the output from a laptop?
I'm...not entirely sure. I'll try to read up on it a bit more later. You should just have to hook up the Tx and Rx lines on the module to the Rx and Tx lines of your ardupilot (and power of course). Then your laptop should see it as a bluetooth device. Not sure how to send serial commands via bluetooth, but that's probably a pretty common thing to do.

You may also consider using Xbees. Programming an Arduino wirelessly via Xbees is pretty well documented. See here: http://www.ladyada.net/make/xbee/arduino.html
I have used bluetooth with a Mikrokopter to provide data whilst it is in flight and it works quite well although not over large distances.

Bluetooth modules only require serial data and a dongle on the PC does the rest nand looks like a standard COM port.

I would tend to use Xbee as the distances are greater.



I hooked up a bluetooth module similar to this one (http://www.goodluckbuy.com/serial-bluetooth-rf-transceiver-module-r...) to my APM1.
It works quite well at normal bluetooth range of course. Ideal for tuning instead of using the USB.
The idea is to use this bluetooth interface while waiting for my 3DR telemetry set.

Moreover I use this app on my android which allows me to change PID and monitor my APM1. (http://code.google.com/p/copter-gcs/wiki/GUI)
Nice when you are out in the field and you want to change some settings.

Bluetooth examble don't have to use the iphone connector can go to a battery.


I have two of these boards but I can't get them to connect. How are yours wired?

Hi Jan.

Being a complete novice related to APM, I would be very grateful if you could show exactly how you hooked your Bluetooth module up to the APM1. I've got an Ardupilot 2.6...(is that the same thing?) and a JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module

I only really need to be able to use the Droidplanner or the Android app that you mentioned, to tweak at close range for the time being, so as to obviate the USB cable connection.

Thanks Dave P

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