Hello forum.

Mi UAV airframe is using a "V" shape tail, it means that it uses the elevator channel and the rudder channel mixed on the radio, also uses a trike landing gear, with a nose wheel that i need to steer for taxing, take off and landing.

The problem is that my radio system is a JR XP6102 6 channel radio:
Chanel number:

1- aileron
2- elevator
3- motor
4- Rudder
5- gear (some how going to be used for ardupilot.)
6- aux1

where chanels 1 and 6 are mixed with one servo on each aileron, (also flaperon function).
and chanels 2 and 4 are mixed in "V" tail function.

So, how do i steer the nose wheel?????

The only idea i can come with is to save one chanel (6) using a "Y" harness on ailerons and try to program the nose wheel servo (allready installed) on chanel (6) mixed somehow with the ruddder chanel, i have to test it, i think is going to move also when i use the elevator (V tail mix).

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The short answer you cant. The long answer, if the autopilot can do the v-tail mixing then split the rudder output from the radio before it goes into the autopilot and connect the tail servos to the autopilot and turn off the v-tail mixing in the radio. To bad you don't have an extra channel on the radio, then you could get just rudder on that extra channel.
Of course you could get a better radio ;) Just kidding.

Actually I would do it by using a separate mixer for rudder and elevator. You can buy a mixer cheap - http://hobbycity.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=6321

Turn off the v-tail mixing in the radio and use the external mixer between the autopilot and v-tail servos.
hello people, i found the separate mixer...... going to install it tomorrow!!!!

thanks so much for the answers
hey people i solved the problem, it happens that the radio (JR XP6102) is able to mix the rudder channel to the aux1 channel independently from the vtail mixing....

so, i installed a y harness to the aileron channel to manage both aileron servos
1 ailerons
2 elevator (vtail)
3 thro
4 rudder (vtail)
5 gear (ardupilot)
6 aux1 (nose wheel) mixed as a slave to the rudder as master.....

so...... the JR resulted a good thing....... :-)

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