Hi, can anyone give me some guidance regarding my project? i have a x-cell gasser heli 700mm, all the info that i have found on the forums/google etc. all point to a flybarless electric heli which doesnt have throttle controls, where as i require a throttle control linked with pitch control,

any guides etc will be appreciated, please be advised, i have no coding experinced at all on arduino.

kind regards


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Yes, we should add vibration sensing and have warnings to tell the pilot when something has gone wrong...maybe we should use that little yellow light on the APM that doesn't get much use otherwise...

I come from a industrial automation and mechanical designs background, im sure we could add some awesome features into the trad-heli design to make it safer and more reliable than the multi-rotor designs.

i was thinking regarding all these extra wonderful features we could add to the project, a small concern would be is processing power of the APM2. wouldnt it be safer to not overload the APM2, but maybe if possible run a secondary processing input output board just for add on signals?  and finally only pass processed info to the APM2

Randy, not visible enough.  Would need an external LED.  Ideally, I'd prefer to just shut down if we're still on the ground.

Of course, it would need to be able to get through the typical ground resonance/spoolup wobble that all helis have.  That tends to be much lower frequency.  So we'd need to distinguish low frequency vibration from high frequency.  So now we need frequency analysis....  yikes.

Of course, if we had a ground contact sensor this would be easier.  If we are on the ground, and the attitude moves more than 15°, shut down.  Simply put, we either really are tipping over, or we think we're tipping over.  Either way, we should shut down. But this could only be done with reliable ground contact detection, which needs a switch.

Your background is very similar to mine then.

The problem is, that a lot of what we NEED, is really high-level control-engineering stuff.  Masters/Doctorate level stuff.  And I don't think any of the devs are working at that level.

There's a huge difference between industrial automation engineering using very high-level things like ladder-logic, PLC's, HMI's, etc... and what we need on this project like signal processing, digital filtering, state-space control/feedback analysis, adaptive control, etc.

I just wish i had more time to learn the code to be able to provide some or more support to the product.

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