Hello everybody!
I have a question. Can I connect my ArdupilotMega to HappyKilmore GCS using USB cable instead of Xbee Wireless? I haven't Xbee yet, but I'd like to test how ground station works... Is it possible? If yes, what I need to do?

Thanks in advance.

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Probably what you are really asking is if you can use a usb to serial cable to connect AdrupilotMega to your computer directly instead of XBee? I am sure you can, using FTDI cable or similar device. I don't think that XBee API protocol and addressing is used. Any experts on this?



Yes, you can do that by changing

#define GCS_PORT 0 in APM_Config.h

but its actually suggested to use the telemetry port, even if you dont have xbees.

If you have a FTDI cable, make up a pigtail with the tx and rx (and optionally ground) connected to the telemetry port.

Very similar to a GPS to FTDI cable, but without the power.

Ok, thanks for info. Now the situation is clear. It is a little more complicated than I thought. I will either try to do it or will wait for my Xbees.
you can also use a ftdi cable on the telemetry port untill you go wireless... :)
Did you find a solution? I use my APM all the time with just 2 USB to serial connections. One for GCS data in and out and the other to fake out the GPS datastream.

Yes, the solution appeared itself. My Xbee modules were delivered so quickly, so I had no time to test via usb without them.

Nevertheless, thank you, now I know that there is the other way of connection.

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