Hi All,


I've purchased the new APM 2.6 and I don't' want to buy the $80 GPS/magnetometer since I already have a GPS.  I imagine any generic/arduino magnetometer can be interfaced with the 2.6 with the correct wiring.


Does anyone have experience on this?



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I feel very fortunate to have a brain like yours leading the way to figuring this out. Looking forward to your findings.
Thank you for all your recent contributions to the community. I've enjoyed all your thoughtful and intelligent posts.

I got my new 3DR magnetometer and hooked it up and it didn't work!  Then I realized that I had wires the 4 pin molex connecter exactly BACKWARDS!

Some quick soldering fixed the problem.  But it will take more than that to fix my broken ego!!! haha!

I have yet to hook up the gy-271 but I imagine it wasn't working because of the wiring issue since I was using the same molex connector.  I'll post once I have results.

Now I'm having to deal with a brand new DEAD APM 2.6!  Dear 3DR, I need an RMA ASAP!

Dude... I'm just a detective with a flashlight on most of this... I KNOW there are many folks who have a lot more experience than I. But I AM more patient than many... I like to think that's my saving grace. ;)


Alright... since some of my other APM goodies have already arrived, I decided to take a chance on Paul and ordered one of these in hopes it'll get here sooner:


It looks like a no-brainer, especially if it really does come with a rev 2 UBlox module as stated at the bottom of the page. Hopefully I can install it far enough back in the fuse that it will be unaffected by the magnetic door catches and large (55-ish Amp) power system.


*Crosses claws, fingers, toes & tail*

It does sound like you need to reach out to 3DR.

With a miswired cable, that could have been the root cause of all your issues.

BTW you don't need to solder those little JST connectors. You can unlock the pins from the housing and move them as necessary.

I received an incorrect cable from 3DR for my external GPS/mag once. It has two different connectors! I had enough spare cables that I was able to fix the issue.


The APM2.6 External GPS/Mag has 2 different cables; a 4-pin JST-SH for the Mag function, and a 5-pin to 6-Pin JST-SH for the GPS. Unless you got one with 0.100" pin plugs on one end; that would be for MultiWii. Or pre-Mega ArduPilot, I think.



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