Geotagging TIF/RAW images from Mission Planner using time offset

Hey all,

I've successfully tagged JPGs, but when I try to tag TIF/RAW images I get an error that there are no pictures in the folder. Can Mission Planner only tag JPGs? And how can I work around this?



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currently you cannot geotag tiffs, when mp does the calulations it outputs a location.txt file, that most apps can import if required.

what app do you want to import to?

Photoscan and Pix4D.

So would I tag the JPGs, then just use that location.txt file for import with the TIFs?

please try the latest beta mp, it should support tiffs now.


help > update beta

Hi , 

I have Mission Planner 1.3.11 ,and in the help it says geotiff support, 

then how do I use it? 

all the best


I am using MP 1.3.37 and it still doesn't find my tif images. Where is the location.txt image saved? I can't find it either in the log files folder nor in the pictures folder.

Has anyone been able to geotag tiff files?


Using MP1.3.41 the Geotag utility still doesn't recognise TIFF images.

It would be very helpful to be able to geotag TIFF images in addition to lossy JPEG images - hopefully a fairly straightforward feature request to implement?

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