Hi, I'm new here and I'm amazed with the work already accomplished !
I just have a few questions :

-About the FMA Attitude controller :
How is an input in the FMA translated ? Does it offset the attitude of the plane by the value of this input ?
I can't see any pitot tube connected to the FMA so, how does it handle the "aerodynamic" gain change in the PID attitude control loop, with regards to the airspeed change.

-About the Ardu autopilot :
In an effort to understand the code, I'd like you to help me a bit. The only thing I know is that it seems to be written in C. I have some understanding of programming. I recently started to learn about pic microcontrollers. Could you give me enough information to help me get started. Programming platform ect...

Thank you in advance :-)

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I am also a beginner and my ardu doesn't work yet ... but I am learning alot by reading the forums.

This is a nice start.


Do you mean the stabilize X,Y ?
It will not altitude hold , only stabilize in Pitch and roll....

FMA output is analog. The code reads these signals and uses PID loops to control the plane.

ArduPilot 2.1 and above can use a pitot tube for airspeed/throttle control.

ArduPilot is based on Arduino. It's an open source hardware/software platform similar to C.

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