I have some questions, but first let me tell you what I have done so far. I have my arducopter assembled, all ESC’s calibrated with the following calibration:



 ESC Tower Pro w25 settings Brake-off, Battery type-Li-Poly, Cutoff Mode-Soft, Cutoff Threshold-Medium-High, Start Mode-Normal, Timing-Medium.


Motor-Turnigy 2217 20turn 860kv 22A Outrunner Motor spacing is about 51cm


APM and IMU Fatubu T6XH radio with 4500mAh battery.


My questions are:


Are the ESC setting correct for theses motors and application?


What mode should I start off with to try to get it in the air for the first time?


What PID settings to start off with?


Thanks for any help,

 Scott Quartochi

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Can you share how you are powering up the APM and connecting the USB. I have read that hooking them both up at the same time can short out the APM. Do you use a BEC and isolate the power from the APM and ESC.
I will unplug thte esc's and battery, when hooking up the usb. I am on my second APM, fried the first one.
Thanks, I reprogrammed my TX. But I still had to reverse the throttle.
In acro mode I was able to take off and it looked good till I got around 9’ then it sounded like the RPM’s increased and shot up quick. I had to practice my controlled crashing skills anyway.
Do you think it is trying to stabilize the yaw? It seems like it’s over compensating. If so any ideas how to I test and fix?
I had some round 7/16” wood sticking out the ends about 6”, it saved my props! Well before I try again I will have to replace the wood.
I still can’t thanks you guys enough,
!!!!!step #6

Rotate the AeroQuad clockwise. The front and rear motor commands should increase (assuming the motors are wired to rotate in the clockwise direction).

It is increasing the left and right motors.Decreasing the front and back. What can I do?

Glad to see you got it in the air!

How do you have your ESCs hooked up to the APM?

For your plus configuration, it should be like this:

+ Configuration
* OUT0 = Right motor (CCW)
* OUT1 = Left motor (CCW)
* OUT2 = Front motor (CW)
* OUT3 = Rear motor (CW)

Nice diagram made by Jani:

OK I have it hooked up just like that. I can see the motor info in the configuarator.
Scott, What are your tuning parameters for the yaw in acro mode? Are you still running in acro mode? What leds are on when trying to fly it? When you had it in the air was it trying to rotate when it jumped up?
Scott, The two things that helped me the most to get mine flying was:

1st: Using the configurator to make sure everything was going in the right direction.

2nd: Having somebody run the transmitter and me holding the QuadCopter above my head with props and testing the pulling of all the control surfaces. Example: Pull down on the right leg and you should feel the leg try to lift back up. Do the same thing with the controls from the transmitter.

The other thing I did was to turn down the transmitter factor a bit.

As far as gain P, I started low at pitch and aileron .8 and yaw at 1.2. Once you get it flying well then started tweaking more gain into it

I am in acro mode and I have the default PID values. When I have it attached to the configurator and do a radio check its fine. Even when I have the battery connected and running the motors. All the motor act correctly. It’s when I turn it clock wise the wrong motors try to compensate.
Scott, When using the configurator you check more than the radio sticks, you also check moving the quad by hand. Maybe I"m not understanding what you are saying.
So, is it ok when you rotate counter clockwise? Just clockwise is a problem? I want to understand whether it's a setup problem or in the code.
Both CW L/R speed up, CCW F/B speed up.In the radio calibrator when I push the yaw stick to the left the R/L motors increase. When I push the yaw stick to the right the F/B motors increase. I have gone over the wiring and radio setup. I am thinking it's in the code. Has this happen to enyone else?

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