It's not a new thing that people can't get the pixhawk to work with emax escs.

If someone has any solution to this problem, please post it here.

If there are no solutions, then could it be possible to make a firmware change to allow stuff people have bought to work?

(Pixhawk won't calibrate the Emax escs on boot)

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I actually emailed EMAX support and asked them about this like a month ago, they haven't replied to my email yet!

YES! I tought the same compared the pictures I have found in this case, and it works. At least I can calibrate my esc-c, but I have some pre arm chech fail, so I did not tried when it is armed, I hope there would not have any problem. Thank for your help, good to know I am not alone with these issues :) Happy flying to everyone :)

Unfortunatelly after the esc calibration when I tried to spin the motors they work well, but however in normal mode, when I pushed the safety swich to disarm, the esc-s went to programing mode so I tried to recalibrate the esc-s but with no luck. Everything going well till I have to pull down the transmitter throttle stick, because when I hear the woice and pull it down, nothing happens, The esc-s do not get the signal, to confirm min throttle limit. I tried everything now, so I almost give it up, when one of my esc stopped to spin the motors even directly to the recever. It had tired, so I am. I order a hobbybing quattro....With these sad endings I am not disappointed to much, because I learn a lot, and I appriciate the helps from you guys, sometimes thing did not want to work not a big deal ;) Happy flying :)

Interesting update on the EMAX ESC issue with Pixhawk: The issue is apparently resolved in the new generation of EMAX Simon ESCs!

I was making a new quadrotor and again decided to use Emax Simon ESCs despite their compatibility issue with Pixhawk (as they are by far the cheapest and most available ESC in the local stores here). Before ripping the heat shrink on the ESCs to remove the resistor and capacitor as I had done before, I decided to test them. So I attached them to Pixhawk and the motors started spinning right away!

I think EMAX has modified the ESCs to resolve this problem finally, but maybe it's still too soon to jump to this conclusion. I have tested Emax Simon 20A ESCs with Pixhawk, Copter Firmware V3.2 & 3.3 both worked fine.

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