Hi All,

While waiting for my EM-406A to drain it's batteries. (Seems that it's on binary mode...)

Already done with the Xbee connections. I managed to get a remote serial connection via the wireless link so... that's okay...

I was playing around with the ArduPilot board, and looking at the different features and functions.

Was wondering... is the attached 'screenshot' of my serial dump normal? Especially the line after "next_WP:#0" and I get a "no GPS, last 10s" in between the "+++ASP:0,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,***
" lines, even on the debug/simulator mode...

As I have a EM-406A... once my GPS is thawed out... would I set it to NMEA (0) or SIRF (1)? And what's the cause of the EM-406A mysteriously going into 'binary mode'?

Many thanks in advance.


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I just tested the EM406 on 2.5.04 and it locks fine. So I think the problem was indeed your module.
Thanks Chris for confirming. Oh well, bound by Murphy's Law... :( Just when I had everything complete...

I guess I'd better close this thread...

Thanks to everyone that helped out... really appreciate it. ;)


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