After contributing to Kate Allen's discussion entitled, "The Toronto Star Story,"
I thought it was time to start my own discussion on the Parrot AR Drone 2.0.

"Why", you ask? "It's just a toy with all kinds of problems," you say.
"You're absolutely right," is my response. But, I don't feel I have a choice.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is an almost-Ready-To-Fly "toy" drone, with a built-in
720 p camera. It is an open-source platform, at least on the Android-side,
which makes it a semi-Do-It-Yourself platform, which is why I don't feel guilty,
and justified, in starting a discussion about this product on the DIY Drone website.

I feel this thread should be dedicated to discussing all of the open-source hacks that
are coming on-line that should make some future version of the
Parrot AR Drone 2.0
a more useful, entry-level, hobby-grade FPV platform. Currently, it is not. But the
foundation is in-place. 
I wish I could find a better product to feature.

Right now, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is my only, practical choice.

Anybody who becomes serious about drones will quickly graduate to a another platform.
But, until that happens, the
Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is as good a place as any, to start.

I consider February 1, 2013 the official start date for this discussion, in honor of STS-107.

Peter Hasek

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When you get tired of the original Parrot, the PX4 AR.Drone kit is a great way to turn it into a fully featured UAV that also is proper open source.

Together with the new PX4Flow optical flow sensor just released, this is perfect for indoor experiments.

Thanks John, I am working with the 2.0

I'm always looking for new leads. I will post any tests and results here.


I have an AR Drone 2, so there are some tips :

 - AR Drone 2 doesn't like cold weather (especially altitude hold)

 - NEVER use autoland function at more than 5 feet because it is not reliable (It just stop sometime and restart after the crash). I recommand you to always land by yourself.

 - It become unstable when battery are at +- 30% (some time it could roll over, so maybe cold weather doesn't help)

 - "Joypad mode" / "lefty" allow you to control it like you do with Mode 2 remote controller, I recommend you to use this mode if you are familiar with Mode 2 or if you are planing to switch to something more "powerfull".

 - USB Key recording work almost randomly, I recommand record directly on your table/phone instead.

 - Get T6 secure torks screw or AR Drone repair kit (but it is a little bit expensive)

So, have fun ! :)

You should request a sub-forum for AR.Drone related discussion so it shows up on the list with the rest of the topics/categories.

Okay, I'll byte. What is a sub-forum? How does it work and apply in this situation?

Is there already a "master forum" on AR Drones somewhere on the DIY Drones site?

If there is a "how to" page, please send a link?


Just under the title of this page it says a date followed by "in Aerial Photography" which means this post is in the "Aerial Photography" sub-forum (topic, category, whatever you want to call it). You should request one specifically for the AR.Drone so other AR.Drone users have a place to collaborate. If things are organized into proper sub-forums it makes it easier to find information and keep up with new posts. The DIY Drones moderators or administrators will need to create it, users aren't allowed to do that. Not sure where to request it, maybe send a private message to one of the moderators?

To clarify, different websites call them different things. This website calls them categories and discussions. So you'd want to ask for a new forum category for AR.Drone related stuff.

Cool....and thank you....I will work on it and let you know the results.


With help from Chris Anderson, Parrot AR Drone discussion category has just
been created. I will be focusing my drone posts in this area, from this point forward.

Seeya :-)

Peter Hasek

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