Searched and searched and haven't found much info on getting the tail to work on a TH. Just completed an install yesterday on a T500 and while the MR appears to work reasonably well the TR just wags back and forth and no amount of gain adjusting seems to make a difference. I read that the developers feel the tail now works properly so I'm looking for the hints on what to do to achieve that. 

The "Gain" setting on the Setup page seems to do nothing. Is that only for an external gyro? Is the check box for an external gyro? I couldn't get the tail to operate at all without checking that box.

Also, how to set the tail mode separate from other axis. For normal helicopter operation you'd want either acro(rate mode) or stabilize(self leveling) for the MR and heading mode for the TR. How to do?

I spent some time browsing the source code last night (which amazed me at it's simplicity) but didn't come away with any revelations.



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Yes, as Robert says, I'm pretty much the only one changing the trad heli code and there's lots of things to do if you're interested.  Besides some of the things Robert's mentioned, we have an issues list and you can look for "TradHeli" at the beginning of the summary.


By the way, over the next 3 months we're going to refactor the code quite a bit to make it more modular and easier to understand.

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