gibberish data in terminal

hello, i have my APM 2.6 connected to mission planner after i test flight i made. and i want to download the logs and data, but when i hit connect in the Terminal window, i start getting gibberish data and its endless, like in the screen shot in the attached file.

what is the problem here ?

gibberish data (2).png

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  • 3D Robotics

    Terminal is no longer supported in AC 3.2 and above, but there is also no need for it. All terminal functions are now available via MAVLink in Mission Planner.

    • but how can i specify a certain readings like when used to type (enable.IMU ) in terminal ?

      because i want the IMU data and the PWM data (used to be MOTORS)

      • Developer
        There's a parameter for log_bitmask to enable that. You can set that in the parameter views
        • yes but it has Default+MOTORS and Default+IMU , and i want both MOTORS+ IMU 

          how can i select both and dump the rest ?

          • Developer

            You can set it in the Full Parameter View

            see for each bit definition.

            so you will need MASK_LOG_IMU | MASK_LOG_RCOUT I guess, which is 2^7+2^10 =128 + 1024 = 1152

            The default is

            Hope that helps :)

            • Bill, could you put that full list in the Wiki so it is more accessible? Digging through the code on github isn't very practical for most users to find the bits they need. When is was in the CLI, all choices were listed. Thank you.
              • Thank you for the reply Bill, but i dont know how to make use of the links you posted.

                i know i need to enable  #define MASK_LOG_IMU  and #define MASK_LOG_RCOUT from the rest , but no idea how to do it manually here.

                Would it help if i can just get an older version of mission planner that supports Terminal ?
                or will it automatically update to the latest version ?

                • sorry , i meant an older version of the firmware not mission planner.

                  anything before AC 3.2. would  work with Terminal ?

                  where do i find it and how to upload it to my APM2.6

                  • ok i have uploaded AC v 3.1.5 to my APM and i accessed the terminal and disabled all logs except for IMU and MOTORS.

                    i went to standard parameters in config/tuning window , and the log bitmask drop-down option is empty. i clicked on Write parameters then Refresh parameters.

                    should that make my APM to record only IMU and MOTORS ?  or will it record everything and only "show " the IMU and MOTORS ?

            • thanks a lot mate :)

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