It seems the popular Tarot and Zenmuse gimbals use the GoPro without it's rugged and waterproof housing.  Is there a reputable gimbal that will hold the GoPro while inside it's case?  I am leary of having a $400 camera outside it's protective case.  And if I go the amphibious route that I'm thinking about going, it would be required.

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I'm just designing this for the 3, because of the weight difference the parts would have to be changed to make a Hero2 balance. I'll post a thread showing how it all goes together and include CAD files for the parts. It shouldn't be too hard to modify the design for a Hero2.


Just to be clear, I have no intention of trying to sell this gimbal on its own, as it is quite specific for my airframe. I merely wanted to chime in on this thread and support the idea that using the waterproof GoPro housing as part of a gimbal system is a good idea, and does not increase the weight of the system in a considerable way.

Hi Peter, Nederlands toevallig?

I have just ordered myself an Aquacopter since I had my Phantom 2 swim twice already due to the watersports I film.

Cost me 2 gimbals and one go-pro so far. I managed to waterproof the Phantom itself though.  

However, I am looking for a waterproof solution for a gimbal with Gopro setup on the Aquacopter. 

One option would be a dampening pivot mount, but a Gimbal with FPV would be what I really want. 

Could you tell me how you set your Aquacopter up with this gimbal? Is it doable?

Looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards, Chris Hemke

Ps, you can also contact me directly on

It is absolutely legit to be concerned about having your $400 camera completely exposed.

Here is my decimated GoPro after my last crash.


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