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Ok the only crashed I get now are when a prop falls off the quad will in flight.  It has cost me two cameras and a good amount of embarrassment.  It only happens once every 15 flights but I hate it.  So has anyone ever super glued the collet prop ad pater to there motor?  It seems even if the motor goes bad at some point a new motor comes with a new collet adapter.


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I would have thought that it would be included in the pre-flight checklist?  Go through and make sure that all waypoints are right (or cleared if not using), sensors calibrated, props are on tightly, battery is connected firmly to the frame etc etc...

Et @Eagle, en particulier apres un ameliorer.  J'ai ecrase apres avoir relechi, rein n'a change apres une novelle mise a jour.

As a reference - this is the collet/prop adapter i'm now using without fail for many flights, crashes and hours in the air.  The times it has come off the motor, is when the collet slid off the motor shaft - which is what I was referring to much earlier in this topic.




I have found this was acutally a previously discussed issue right here on DIYD.

From an initial post in 2010 (think plastic part Arducopters..)

Propellor Install Notes

As I am collecting data for this tome, I found a Wordpress blog post of a AC 'B' version with the purple motors.

This fellow was 'lucky' enough to have mounted a camera on his AC AND CAUGHT THE PROP ADAPTOR FLYING OFF ON VIDEO! This guy could be you or me. The event is from 1:12 to 1:15 with predicatable results.

Wordpress Page 



Hehe... I have those motors, props and collets, etc.... but I've never had a problem... I suspect most of these issues are simply to do with not being set up in accordance with best practice, since most people wouldn't know what that is...

I am noticing an awful lot of motor shaft under the collett.

That's typical of the older purple motors... they have a rather long shaft!

OK, mine are the gold version and the collett goes to about 1/8-inch.

A blinged quad - niice. (;

Ditto on the long shafts. 

I have a couple out-of-line due, I think, to the shaft bending (from crashing/bumping) between the collet and the flat point on the motor (where the shaft enters the purple part).

If I ever use those motors again, or an equivalent, the shafts will be clipped off or the collets drilled deeper (or both). The point is to make the collet face as close to the motor housing as possible. As it is I am flying them slightly bent, damn the slight vibrations. My flying skills aren't good enough to worry about that.

On the other hand, I have never had a single prop come off...yet.


I have probably crashed at least as many times as other learners, but I've never glued my props on (I replace them too often) and I've never had a collett come loose in flight.  Many prop strikes, and one prop disintegration in the air, bent motors, bent motor arms, but never a collett failure.

Not on camera (or even an adapter we know about) but a prop adapter that comes off. "...I didn't want to crank down too much."

The event occurs at 2:23. I hear a lot of 'jingle' in the drive train from the beginning.


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