Hello Everyone,

I have had a lot of fun flying my drone for work but realize that it would be even more fun if I could see what my drone sees. 

Right now I send it up with my camera take my shots for a few minutes than bring it back down and hope all is well.

So any suggestion on a complete FPV system?  I do not mind buying individual pieces just want some advice on what pieces to buy.  If there is a good complete package people have used that would be great as well.

BTW I am running a Quad with 880kv motors, Autopilot 2.5, and GPS.

Some Questions.

1) SD v HD - does the extra resolution make flying easier or is the HD more just for recording the flight for others to see.

2) single view vs. Head tracking -  It seems to me that head tracking might add a level on confusion when flying but be worth it once you got the hang of it.  Or is it more of a gimmick that is not worth the extra set-up and cost.

3) Battery - Can you run the system off of the main battery and if so what kind of drain would it cause?

Anyway thank you in advance for your input.




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Thanks for the help.  Guys I am confused on what kind of connector do I need to hook the lipo battery to the headplay box?  Here is a picture of the box opened.  Also what Rc/Tx system are you using with your headplay?

I would put something on the charger connector on the inside of the box.

BEWARE: Don't mess up +/- !!!!   Maybe include a diode in the cable to your 3S.

I simply purchased a couple of batteries when I bought the goggles, and as I bought a couple at the time I also opted for a spare board for the box, but have never used it.

The pinouts are a little strange but probably good for security of connection

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