Hi experts,

I am new in  manufacturing of UAV world. From many days i m stucked in wing loading problem.

Searched on internet a lot but i haven't found  answer related to my problem.

My question is,

What is the range of wing loading so that one can predict his wing loading is good or bad.

what should be the wing loading for an airplane with wing span of 6m.

Is this wing loading is good? or is it bad?

Waiting for kind suggestions,



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This is simple - calculate a speed ( vertical and horizontal ) and decide - is it good or bad for you. :)

I can give you the answer. But there are some other factors that have to be considered. The most important thing is your Maximum takeoff weight. Stall speed also should be considered. But If you want really a simple solution for wing loading, give me your maximum takeoff weight and I will tell you the value range. Most convenient method is to select a value from a graph which have been derived using historical data. 

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