Is there any way to see Auto mission waypoints and Home position in Google Earth? In GE i can see waypoints option line and checkbox next to log and planes, but there's no data. I also checked .kml file inside kmz and there's nothing in the end where waypoints seems to be. Waypoint coordinates are in the flash log but not in the kmz.

It would be nice to look logs and compare flighpaths after RTL and Auto mission if there is reference.

Regards Jani

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try right click it and changin the altitude option to be above ground

Hi Michael and thx for the response!

I tried to change altitude option, but nothing happend.Also if i double click the "waypoints" it throw me somewhere in the middle of ocean far away.

So after that i manually edited waypoints to GE file using one old log from last summer. There's 3 waypoint Auto mission and Home waypoint in 2012-08-30 23-18 1.log_EDITED.kml file.

Can you check my attachment logs[Originals + edited one for GE] to see what i'm looking for.

Screenshot from edited file with waypoints and home:

Regards Jani


I second this request, how do you view waypoints alongside the kmz/kml file in Google Earth. It would be good to be able to load the waypoint text file into Google Earth, to compare the waypoints with the actual mission. 

I know you can replay the mission in the mission planner, but it would be good to see them in Google earth. I tried using the extract waypoints option from the mission planner, but that just creates a waypoint text file, which i have already from saving my waypoint mission...Any help gratefully appreciated!


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