Before Solo there were many hobbyists using APM and Pixhawk. It was our frustration that the Gopro was not something we could control, not even the trigger ( without risking a dead Gopro). So 3DR did a deal with Gopro and the Solo got the feature of controlling a Gopro Hero camera.

The people that purchased the first 3DR products got to pay the way for the RTF stuff to get going but never saw any support.  In deed its gone backwards.

Why have 3DR never supported this critical feature for hobbyists??

Hobbyist started this stuff but the others guys ( toy boy gadget geeks) got the help. We even put up with the crummy parts that 3DR first put out. So will there be a Gopro interface for the hobby market?

Same goes for Gopro, they sell a product that has an interface that all a secrete. Its an America thing I guess.

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This is down to GoPro and not 3DR to be fair. GoPro could easily have made this available to the masses well before 3DR used it. I do not think they ever cared about aerial users. And they still don't.

To be completely fair I would appreciate an explanation from either part. Was the information given only for Solo development?

Do GoPro get a royalty from Solo sales? If either is true I will happily retract my question and get on GoPros back.

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