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Based on the very negative reviews on Amazon.com it sounds like the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is a piece of crap that GoPro should have never released in its present form. Have any members experienced problems with their GoPro Hero3 Black Edition?


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Long gone.
In my experience 3+ is a solid beast.
And captures footage that blows my mind considering the small form factor.
If only swapping lenses was not a mod but a feature...

Have 2 3+ Black.. Both fine. (Tho I lost one somewhere under water LOL...thank you insurance!!)

I like the video quite a lot, still experimenting with the different modes.

Man bummer is the wifi interfence possibilty..as it would be useful to control the go pro and use telemetry together.


I know it isn't as cost effective as a built in feature but the teradek clip is what the go pro should have had. Heh. Shame it costs more than the camera...and micro hdmi to micro hdmi is an uncommon connection...[shrug]...not made for go pro but for 5d and the such I guess...

We have it and never happy with it so far. I don't realy get how this kind of bad product become so popular. Video quality is low, it has problems like video recording stops by it self, it's not powering up even it is fully charged, very bad colors. If anyone thinking to buy it for aerial business, don't. Go buy a pocket size sony steady cyber shot camera half of the price. 

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