Hi, I want to use a Y6 that is fitted with a GoPro to make some simple maps. I have the GoPro on a tarot gimbal and I can take pics straight down. But I was wondering how to setup the camera to easily geotag the pics later. 

If I setup the camera for shooting every 2 seconds, when I try to geotag the pics later, its kind of difficult to try to get the offset of the picture vs the GPS log, because the camera may start taking pictures before or after the log starts, and I may have pictures after the log ends.

Has anyone else tried to geotag pictures from a GoPro?

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I have seen the discussion above 

 I had a problem with GoPro for triggering with pixhawk.

can u plz suggest the method of triggering GoPro 

criro1999 said:

I did find a suggestion on internet, looks god, can you comment?

"What you need to do is sync the GoPro camera time with GPS time. You can do this in the goPro settings. Page 46 of the manual. The GPS will sync its time with the satellites above and their atomic clocks so using the time off your GPS unit is best. Be sure to have a good satellite lock before syncing the times. 

Once synced a date/time stamp will be in the meta data of the photo. You can use the tracklog from your GPS unit to add a lat/long to the photo. Garmin Basecamp has a feature built in to geotag photos. 

In short you will put your photos in a common folder in your computer. Open Basecamp and download your track. Double click on the track then go into the track settings menu and select 'Match Photos with Track". Basecamp will take care of the rest."

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