GoPro wireless transmission and Rx / Tx radio transmission

Hello all,

    I have a question about GoPro. I am planning to buy GoPro 3 with wireless built in mode.  But can i transmit video to the laptop over wireless or it can only send video to the iphone and ipad ? 

    Other question about video transmission: I saw some users transmit video over Rx / Tx transmission even the camera has wireless feature. The reason why they prefer radio signals over wireless transmission to transmit video is to increase range or something else? Am i going to have problem with video transmission over wireless ?

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The AV out is fine with normal transmitters (I use an immersion RC 5.8GHz with mine). 

Pretty much inconsiderate and bad design

The 2.4GHz band is generally unregulated.  The FCC rule stipulates that users agree to not intentionally interfere with others, and they must tolerate inadvertent interference from other users.  There's hundreds of different protocols in use on the 2.4 GHz band, so expecting any of them to proactively "work with" each other is unrealistic.

Borrowed my mates GP3, only used the GP2, turns out it was broadcasting WiFi, decked my plane and GP3 =/

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