GoPro wireless transmission and Rx / Tx radio transmission

Hello all,

    I have a question about GoPro. I am planning to buy GoPro 3 with wireless built in mode.  But can i transmit video to the laptop over wireless or it can only send video to the iphone and ipad ? 

    Other question about video transmission: I saw some users transmit video over Rx / Tx transmission even the camera has wireless feature. The reason why they prefer radio signals over wireless transmission to transmit video is to increase range or something else? Am i going to have problem with video transmission over wireless ?

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Don't do it. There has been reports that the WiFi from the GoPro can crash the r/c control if they are both on 2.4Ghz.

Wireless has the same meaning as Radio Signal. I assume you mean WiFi.

Usually for transmission of video from a UAV it is done using a analogue signal, the reason being is that analogue video transmitters are cheap and digital ones required to send a signal that can be sent over WiFi are expensive, or too low quality.

Caveat - i have a hero2 with the wifi backpack, but it isnt/wasnt possible to transmit that video to a laptop and the only way i have done it is via my android phone and NOT whilst on my quad. Youll probably find that the wifi and your rx/tx will share the 2.4ghz freq and youll likely crash.There has been at least one post on here with someone documenting the result of just that problem.

Thanks a lot guys you are really helpful !!! now i should search a good RX/TX for video Any suggestion ? 

Hi Fatih,

Our radio transmitters and recievers transmit on 2.4 ghz band.

The GoPro's WiFi transmits on 2.4 GHz band.

RC Transmitters are designed so they don't (generally) interfere with each other.

WiFi transmitters / receivers are designed so they generally don't interfere with each other.

Unfortunately quite often they are not designed so that RC receiver transmitter doesn't interfere with WiFi transmitter / receiver.

Pretty much inconsiderate and bad design.

However, even if your RC transmitter / receiver does work with GoPro WiFi there is another significant issue.

With my GoPro Black (returned as of one month ago) connected to my 7" Nexus tablet, the Live Preview picture was totally screwed up: it periodically locked up, often de-pixellated and periodically twitched like a dying bug. On my IPad 4 the picture was OK but the delay was 3 to 4 seconds.

They may have improved this since, but I would make sure first.

Also range on WiFi is quite short, often less than 100 feet and very unusable for FPV.

The FPV cameras and transmitter / receiver units broadcast in real time without delay and are capable of much greater distances up to several miles.

Hi Oliver, how can you use a laptop?  Tablet/phone of course, but a laptop?

Doesnt work its a gimmic, 3sec delay very short range and lots of other issues like freezing etc,  reliable up to 50m, i believe the hero 3 is worse.

Hopefully i avoid to make a huge mistake :)

Oooh, I wouldnt say that. I find it very useful when im not using my gopro on my quad. Car racing or skiing for example. There might be a second or so delay but you can see the framing and image very well.

The simple point is, it wasnt designed for fpv flying... Use fatshark or something for that.

Editing error, sorry about that, it should have read "You can certainly try to use a laptop, but there are conflicting opinions whether or not it can be made to actually work. Be advised that the wireless video has a lot of lag, and also that the GoPro  cannot transmit and record video at the same time.

Just on this, the GoPro can record and show video via the wifi backpac (Hero 2 caveat).  I'm not sure about the Hero3, but I would be amazed if it couldn't.  Also, you can use a GoPro for FPV via the video out cable to a video tx to your FPV kit.  Again, it can also record what it's seeing at this time too. However, whether it's right for your FPV is another thing.  Some people like the fish eye view...  Others, no.

I don't own a Gopro but consider buying one soon. So the output video is compatible to normal 5.8GHz video Tx right? do I really to connect the battery charging port to the on-board battery as well? Normally the cable comes with another 5V input power plug, so I assume there's a reason for that.

Yes. DON'T DO it!!! I know it from first hand.

I did a gopro rangecheck but did'nt do the RC rangecheck. Flew for 10-15 seconds and my hexa started to act up and plunged to the ground from 10 meters up. Two CF propellers digged into the wet ground and I feared the worst. I only got a bended alu gimbal and a bad ESC soldering. 

Afterwoods I thougt it trough and came to the solution that the GoPro wifi must have interfeered. I went home and googled, and it came up as 2. 3. 4..... answer... :-! 

The idea of using the Gopro wifi came up in the late hours the day before an importent flight :-(  Secondary option for that day was flying with video TX 5.8 GHz, but I did't get to fly with it....!

My hexa is back in the air and flying like a dream :-) and I'm older and wiser.

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