in the groundstation server screen data is comeing in good but the gps data is all zeros. im useing your ublox satelite adapter and your board to attach to the arduimu. i checked all my code and everything looks good but i cant get a lock. iv tried this all over not just in my lab room even outside i get the same problem. only thing i didnt check is if the ublox is configured correctly but i figured it would be becasue i got it from you guys. nt sure what other data i can give you just let me know. have attached a screen shot of my groundstation running

ps. lights all flicker on and off in series then it goes silent with just one green led on.

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Hi Mario,

If you get a blue LED the IMU is getting GPS data and you have a lock. Check that you have #define PRINT_GPS 1 (not 0) in the code. You can turn on or off portions of the output data with the #define statements.
i think in the earlier version that problem was a bug that has been fixed in the latest version wich doesnt reuire a gps i think cause it worked fine for me.
Thanks Doug ! You were right on... The change from 0 to 1 in that line #define PRINT_GPS 1 did the trick. I now have GPS readings.



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