Hey all,

I received my APM case last week, dismantled my quad, put the case in and rebuilt it and it works a treat.  Makes everything just seem cleaner and safer - and considering what i'm trying to achieve, that's a very good thing. 

However, the trouble is, it's now hard to see the GPS and ARM status LEDs.  I know there was a thread a little while ago about jacking from the APM outputs and having external LEDs, but what did this end up?  From memory it just stopped.  So has the functionality been built into the code/hardware to use the outputs [A4-A9] from the APM?

As for the LEDs, i'm not talking low-rider style [you know, neons everywhere, lowered quad on hydraulics style] - I [and the people around me] just want to see the GPS and ARMed status.



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I have a small Piezo buzzer attached to A5 (between signal and ground).

When the Hex is armed it emitts a nice double beep which is superb as you can arm at a distance and not rely on seeing any LEDs to confirm armed status.  It emitts a single beep when disarmed.

That is a good idea...  Might have to look into that one.  I don't suppose you have a picture of that available? 

However, I still need the visual clues.

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