I have a remote control baitboat. I would like to add a GPS navigation unit to it so I can store wavepoints (Good fishing spots) so that i can send the boat back to those wavepoints. It doesn't need to do this automatically (Autopilot) as I can control the boat direction and speed manually. It needs to work at a distance of 240yds approx and accurate to within 2m I've seen the ardupilot system and have been told this will work.
Can anyone help me with the Board and other components I will need to complete the project.
I'm a new member so if we can keep the technology jargon basic i'd appreciate it.
Sorry in advance if I've posted this in the wrong section of the forrum
Thanks guys :-)

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Hi Monroe

Thanks for the reply to my post

I just need to plot wavepoints by gps and save those wavepoints.I dont need this for autopilot purposes as I will be doing the steering and power by remote control.

I have a remote control boat just under meter in length that runs on jet pumps.

I want to add a gps to this boat and save wavepoints so that i can resend the remote control boat back to that position.The boat is for fishing purposes.At the moment I can send a bait out and drop it in a good place.What I would like to do is save that position for future fishing trips.

I will be doing the stearing etc I just need the gps to work approx 240yds max and be accurate within 2 metres.

Hope this makes sense

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