I am tidying up my hex, making room for my video transmitter. I am going to put the video transmitter on the top layer of my stack. My telemetry board and antenna are on the top layer as well. To avoid crowding, I was going to mount my GPS module on one of the hex arms, close to the main body. It still has an unobstructed view of the sky. 

Do you see any problems with moving the GPS receiver to this new position?

Also, I did not notice any labels on the GPS indicating forward, can it be placed in any orientation? (In the photo, the GPS is mounted on the right arm)


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Ty, the GPS module has no specific orientation other than place it flat with a good view of the sky.

The location you're showing will work, to an extent. As your hex rotates your central stack will block part of the GPS module's view of the sky and you'll likely lose whatever satellites happen to be in that position at that moment. If you plan on using 3.0 or better, it turns out that a solid GPS signal is a very big deal. 2.9 and less, not so much. Your worst case scenario is if you're flying in a forested area or in a canyon with a minimal number of satellites in view, the hex rotates losing a few and you lose GPS lock. If you can deal with this through the failsafe setup or are otherwise comfortable with this risk level then you are fine.

Personally, I'd be more inclined to mount it on a raised stalk (like a Naza)  if I absolutely had no choice but to mount it there.

Yeah, good point. After I started looking at it more, your point about the hex rotating became clear. I guess I need to try to find a longer cable and try to mount it like an antenna. Thanks for the info...

If you don't actually need to get it physically away from the video transmitter on your tower, you could just mount a vertical dowel or plastic rod with a standoff from one of your existing tower supports. That way you wouldn't need a new cable.

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