GPS port dislodged from APM 2.5 when crashed.Need some help.

Crashed my Quad yesterday at the height of 35ft due to battery failure. It fell horizontally and the impact caused the top carrier which carry the Ublox gps came off forcing it to pulled the cable and dislodge the gps port located at the bottom carrier(see pixs). Now, is there any way for me to still use my Ublox by mod cable to the new style gps port (5 pins)? Because to resolder the tiny old style port (6 pins) will invite trouble...I guess.

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Mine flipped for unknown reason. The results was the "old style" GPS came off leaving the "new style". I need the pin out of it. And  did it contain any connections that need to be fixed. I will most likely have to buy a new board making it my 4th APM 2.5. I may have to  become a distribution member   just to keep myself supplied.


Haa haa..and name it JJDrones coz JDrones already occupied by Jani Hirvinen of Bangkok.Still waiting for an answer fr the dev if we can make use of the new style gps port (5pins) for Ublox. Rctimer clone APM 2.5 is using the new style port for their gps link:

Assuming the secondary GPS connector is still functional after the damage to your board, this cable will let you keep using your GPS and APM:

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