I have a Graupner MX-20 and GR-12.

When using the sum signal from the GR-12 receiver. the channel order is wrong. I cannot find a way to change it in the Graupner equipment so I have started looking to change it in the source for the arducopter software. Not being a "C" programmer, I am having trouble locating the proper place to make the changes. I meed to map GR-12 ch 1 to 3Throttle, GR-12 ch 2 to 1 Roll, and GR-12 ch 3 to 2 Pitch. Could you please point me in the right direction. I have tried changing it in a couple of places but it didn't change the result.


John Dortch


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Yes, it is possible to reassign channel from the radio menu.

Go to page 206 of the Mx20 manual "Exchanging TX channels" or something similar as title .

Mapping is not very intuitive, anyway this is the setting in the Graupner MX20 Menu:

TXCH1 ---> out3   (Gas)

TXCH2 ---> out4  (Yaw)

TXCH3 ---> out2 (Pitch)

TCCH4 ---> out1 (Roll)

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