I ran across this board from Gumstix and wondering if anyone has been playing with it:




Looks like a 9DOF IMU with an Arm Cortex M3 (LPC1769) microcontroller to me...







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i might order one.

at least i like the processor - easy to program.

(i run crazy when i need to debug avr stuff ...)

two overo sets are on the way for another project.

so i might miss use one of the boards <g>


i looked at the firmware.

the filter is handled by the a8 and there is no sensor fusion method in the current firmware.

needing to port your favourite sensor fusuion algorythm.


Yes, the LPC1769 is a nice processor.

Not so buggy like the STM32F103, but has only 6 PWM Outputs  :(

But nice board anyway, and cheap price  :)

wondering how hard it would be to port the work that roberto is already doing for his MP32?







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