Hi All,

I use APM, and I need to do 'drift compensation'.  I have the following:

ahrs.pitch, ahrs.roll, ahrs.yaw.

drift vector =( x, y, z )

I use an external Compass for Yaw , and it is enabled. Now, how do I make use of the vectors above; do I need to assign them manually, how do I make use of the drift vector to really compensate for the drift that I get in all roll, pitch and yaw ??

Your answer will be appreciated.

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      the APM code already does gyro drift compensation for the yaw using the compass, and for roll and pitch using the accelerometers so you shouldn't need to do anything I think...but i suspect i'm not understanding your question completely.

HI Randy,

Thank you for your reply. I was apparently working with the APM 'libraries' example under AP_AHRS. There I found the display of the drift vector so I was wondering what I can do with it?

I went through the DCM draft earlier, and now remember that as you say this drift vector is used internally for compensation. However, I still see quite some drift in Yaw direction (of the order of 8 deg/min) and a few deg in roll/pitch/minute. 

I use a magnetometer for yaw, and gyro/accel for roll/pitch. Is there something I need to enable otherwise to cancel out the drift completely like enabling the PI_Controller class (with tag APM_Control in config.h)> It is currently commented out.

Hi Shyam,

I just posted a question about the same problem. I am running the AHRS test and get the same kind of drift you are experiencing. 

Did you find a solution to your problem?



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