I am designing an IMU Board using LY530ALH and LPR530AL as gyros. I want this board to connect as a doughterboard via I2C and SPI to a uC board that i already have.
In order to do that i have to put an ADC in this board and do SPI. I am considering to use two AD7924 ADCs (X, 4X, Y, 4Y) (Z, 4Z, TEMP, ).

The questions are

1) do you consider that a good solution? or should i use a diferent ADC.
2) I am thinking to drive ADCs VREF with an AD780 that provides a 2.5V reference and temperature measurement. Is this desirable or Should i put and OPAmp and double 1.23V gyro out Vref from the and usa that as ADC RefIn.


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For the the cost of the 2 AD7924 chips (AD7923 would be fine as well you realise?), you might as well just get an STM32F103T that has 16 channels of 12bit ADC built into it, plus all the I2C, SPI and USART you want.

With the 90MIPS of power you will also be able to do all the calculations you want on the chip itself, before sending it anywhere.
Thanks a lot for the hint about STM32F103T, very cost effective compared to a the ADCs, i think will drop the ADCs and use this UC and can also process Accelerometer, altimeter and GPS data.

What about the second question, should i use an external vref or Gyro Vref?
does Anybody have the Eagle Libraries/footprints for the STM32F103T or STM32F103C?


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