Hacked transmitter/receiver/groundstation all in one package

Ok well here goes...
I've been wondering if it would be possible to combine all of these into one simple solution?

I'm in the market for a new transmitter and have been searching around.

The transmitter that I am currently considering is the Turnigy 9x, not because it's build quality is great or anything, but it's cheap and I can't really care to much to hack it to bits.
http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=... br/>

It has a few nifty bits i do like for the price.

For the transmitter module itself... The cream of the crop/pie...

A new module from FrSky claiming to have a 2way comm buit-in... A simple serial interface on the receiver that tramsmits back to the transmitter. The receiver also has 2 ADC ports that can be set to monitor almost anything. There is no speak about the baudrate of the serial lines but this would eliminate a lot of users' need for extra Xigbee's... > http://www.frsky-rc.com/News_View.asp?NewsID=12 < From previous reviews of their products, they seem to be up to par...

So... The big idea... Hack the transmitter(Cheap 9x) as to use the transmitters own lcd screen to display the same info as the Ardustation. This would still require a extra Atmel chip to decode the serial string sent to the transmitter, and would also need the transmitter to be hacked to use the screen for both the transmitter and Groundstation. I do believe that this would be possible...

A nicely (cheap) tied solution for the simple day to day UAV or fpv pilot.

Sorry for the lack of Pics but the links should suffice...

Please leave your ideas and if possible lets try and get it started!

South Africa

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I think Sarel is on the case along with the rest of the groundstation guys
Getting the new uC interfaced with the LCD is not trivial. Getting the decoded data out of the radio uC isn't easy either. Lots of work to get this done, is it worth the hassle and time/money? Also you only see the stuff that you do on the radio, no data coming down to the radio from above.

Rather mount the radio and GS on a single backing plate. My 2c worth.

And nobody is shareing anything it seems...
Not quite sure what you ment with the above... But the data comes down in a simple serial stream.. so just needs to be decoded and printed on the lcd screen?
"So... The big idea... Hack the transmitter(Cheap 9x) as to use the transmitters own lcd screen to display the same info as the Ardustation."

This is one way up only TX, so you will only display info for the radio and inputs to the radio, now you need the down link, and also display that on the LCD. As you will mostly fly in Autonomous mode, do you really want to go and hack the radio?

Think about displaying the radio info on Ardustation for a moment, the UAV is out of range, you lost comms with it, but the radio info is still displayed on the LCD. You need the downlink info rather.

You are only interested in the info coming back down surely, the position, health and other relevant data?

Hope my point gets across this time :) and I did not mis understood your intentions with this hack??

Yes, i am only interested in the data stream coming down from the autopilot. That new receiver/transmitter combo has a downlink back to the transmitter. So why not just make it a single piece of hardware you need to carry around?
Surely we will all be moving away from RC transmitters as they stand at the moment and moving towards GCS that monitor health and re-task??

The Ardustation clamped to a transmitter is good enough for the minute is it not??
I can see where there will eventually be a converged Radio/GS system. It just makes sense in the UAS World. But, not enough volumes to justify this commercially yet, or maybe just a mis understanding from Joe Public as to the benefits.
Where does it come out on the transmitter side? is that the module that replaces the 2.4 one? is it still 2.4 or back to 72? do you have link to the module your talking about. I just got my turnigy 9x (really only an 8x in 2.4)

Excellent idea.  I had a similar idea except less work was involved.  Perhaps it could be part one of this project.

If you start out with a Turnigy 9x / FlySky / ergle / Radio and use an FrSky module in the transmitter for telemetry.

Use the telemetry connection to go to your external GCS, and use an unused channel in the transmitter to send data to the ardupilotmega.  


This would make use of existing GCS solutions for now and replace only the XBee / Zigbee comm modules.   That would be enough development work in itself, and provided it works reliably provide a springboard for modding the transmitter as a later project.


It actually makes sense since data is already being sent to the model via the transmitter, and with the telemetry module you already have two-way communication.

Hi... This was posted long ago... Since then a lot of hacks were made for the radio. Just search for earl and 9x radio. He has inplimented ful support for telemetry ect.



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