Current Features:
Parsing for NMEA, SiRF, uBlox, MediaTek, ArduIMU Binary and AP ACSII
Record/Playback for raw datastream
Working avionics instruments
3D rendering of EasyStar, FunJet, Quad and a few other models
Google Earth and Google Maps real-time (non-KML) disply
Live video stream
Himan readable serial data stream (including binary)
Windows only

Still to come:
APM 2-way communication and configuration including in flight waypoint editing
Auto download of waypoint data for AP
Language translation file
X-Bee uploading of compiled source
Resizing and possibly drag and drop of components
Save video stream
KML file support

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ahh - I was hoping it could come from UDB_EXTRA data but to be honest I did not look and check that mag data is in there.

If I get yaw from the protocol (like I do with UDB_Extra) then I show that in the 3D model on the left. Both the GE model and the heading indicator take heading values from the GPS.


In the case of UDB_Extra, in the F2 message, arguments 7 and 10 make up yaw. Argument 15 is heading.

doe this GCS have a function to have the UAV return to land?
Depends upon your auto pilot. AttoPilot, yes, ArduPilot Mega, soon, Gluonpilot, soon, Uavdevboard, soon, FY21AP, if they send me hardware. Everyone else, no (or at least I have nothing in the works with other auto pilots).
ok thanks. i think im going to use ArduPilot Mega. Im still very new and in planning. Thanks for the quick reply.
I'm waiting on the MAVlink stuff to get done on the mission planning side of things. APM (ArduPilot Mega) release 2 will have MAVlink working....and that will hopefully be in the coming weeks. The parameter read and write is currently working with MAVlink on the APM, but mission contol and waypoints are not working correctly. Good luck!

A couple questions regarding the GCS, First how do you change the dispalyed model type?  The latest release has an Easystar and I noticed this example is using a Fun Jet.  Second question, where do I find info on Live View and what is required to make work?



Live view requires a camera input. You can use an EasyCAP to convert your Video Receiver RCA into a USB input on your computer....or you can plug in a web cam for testing. To change the model click File, Settngs and select another option in the 3D Model combo box.
I understand I need a camera but what would the camera connect to when using a APM w/IMU and Xbee 900 mhz?  As for the Model change I figured out where to change it but the only option is Easystar.  What file types does the GCS support and have the popular model types already been created so that I could import the library into the CGS?
You can't currently use your own models. There is a model pack you can download from here: which has other options. As for camera requirements I would suggest doing some reading on FPV: as there are hundreds of options. The camera would not be connected to the APM, IMU or X-Bee's.
Hi Happy,

is there a way to have telemetry sent over video tx audio channel and recognized by the HKGCS (video over USB, or audio over audio in) ?


Video audio channels are limited in baud rate, but with newer 5.8ghz transmitters, audio is sent stereo, so potentialy you could split data over the left and right channels.


FYI, Here is latest screen shot of my testing of APM, Rangevideo OSD, and HappyKillmore GCS


(I just love the HK GCS, its getting better everyday!)

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