Current Features:
Parsing for NMEA, SiRF, uBlox, MediaTek, ArduIMU Binary and AP ACSII
Record/Playback for raw datastream
Working avionics instruments
3D rendering of EasyStar, FunJet, Quad and a few other models
Google Earth and Google Maps real-time (non-KML) disply
Live video stream
Himan readable serial data stream (including binary)
Windows only

Still to come:
APM 2-way communication and configuration including in flight waypoint editing
Auto download of waypoint data for AP
Language translation file
X-Bee uploading of compiled source
Resizing and possibly drag and drop of components
Save video stream
KML file support

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I will build a ArduCopter and thinking about buying ArduPilot Mega 2.0 but is out of order now.

Can I use ArduPilot ATmega 2560 1.4 and ArduIMU+ V3 instead of ArduPilot Mega IMU Shield OilPan Rev-H V1.0 ?




No, ardupilot 2560 is designed for the oilpan. The last official word was that APM2 will start production very soon (this week if all goes well). Once the pre-orders are filled and distributors get some stock, regular stock will probably be available by the time you have the copter built.

Ok, thanks for the reply.


I thinks is better to wait for ArduPilot Mega 2.0.

Now I can buy parts for copter and think about how it will be built and read on the subject.



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