I live in the mountains, so I wanted to test how well Ardupilot hits waypoint position and altitudes and unfortunately according to my tests it appears that ardupilot just "attempts" to hit the altitude of each waypoint, but if it misses, even significantly it still considers that waypoint to be completed and moves on to the next one.


To test this what I did is place a single way point about 200m from home at an altitude of 200m. By the time the plane reached this way point it had only hit the 50-75m altitude mark, and it immediately returned to launch once it was within the way point radius.


Is there anyway to force hard altitudes so ardupilot will circle around the waypoint ascending/descending until its within a given altitude threshold set by the waypoint before moving on?



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Hello, I am not sure if this thread is still alive. But it seems to relate to my problem.

I am a newbie in the UAV world. Yesterday, I tested APM 2.6 with GPS 6H on my newly built quadcopter. Stabilization, loiter, RTl all worked fine. Then we tested waypoint, setting the altitude at 30 meter. After switch to waypoint flight, the quad instead flying the waypoints, go all the way up right above "home", we didn't know what to do at first, then we called it back by RTL. Finally, it came down safely. The reading show the quad was just near 450 before RTL call back. I checked the waypoint setting again. Very sure I set them at 30 m.

I must have done something wrong. What could be it? I will appreciate your reply very much.

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